Boulouki is an interdisciplinary research and education collaborative, whose work is focused on the study of traditional building techniques and materials, related to the protection, conservation and pro­motion of cultural heritage. Our aim is to contribute to the study of traditional build­ing techniques as an operative field of knowledge, orientated -apart from con­servation and documentation- towards contemporary building practices. Based upon these thematic axes, the group’s course of action includes conducting re­search, organizing workshops, conferenc­es and events, and promoting projects in collaboration with the local communities and their stakeholders. Since May 2018, Boulouki operates as an Urban Non-Profit Company, based in Athens.

Panos Kostoulas is an architect, graduated in 2013 from University of Patras. Since then, he has worked as an architect, both as an employee and collaborator with sev­eral architectural firms in India and Greece and also as a part-time lecturer in Ooty McGan’s School of Architecture in Tamil Nadu, India. He has participated in many workshops related to natural and traditional building techniques in India, Greece and Albania and has organised two workshops for earth architecture. He is currently completing a postgraduate program on Materials Science and Technology in NTUA, focusing on historical mortars. Panos is a co-founder and co-administrator of Boulouki.

Ionas Sklavounos (Athens, 1987) graduated in Architecture at the University of Patras and completed his post-graduate studies in Epistemology of Architecture at the National Technical University of Athens, where he also worked as Teaching Assistant in the courses of Architectural Design and Analysis and Study of Historical Settlements and Ensembles. He is a co-founder and co-administrator of “Boulouki” and at the moment his pursuing doctoral studies in the University of Antwerp within the “Communities of Tacit Knowledge: Architecture and its ways of Knowing” Innovative Training Network.

Christoforos Theocharis is a civil engineer (DUTH) and he has been actively in­volved in the field of the built environment for more than ten years. Parallel to his job in an engineering office in Vienna, he finished his master’s degree at TU Vienna with a major on Building Science and Technology. During his stay in Austria, as part of Bauklimatik GmbH he has planned and supervised the construction of several small and middle-range buildings in Vienna and its surroundings. Since 2017 he has been pursuing a PhD degree at TU Vienna on “Vernacular architecture of the Epirus region in Greece”. He has also participated in several workshops on vernacular architecture and traditional building techniques in Germany, Austria, Albania and Greece. Christoforos is a co-founder of Boulouki.

Grigoris Koutropoulos is an architect, graduated from the University of Patras. He has worked as a teaching assistant in the University of Patras, School of Ar­chitecture and he participated in three research programs of the same institution pertaining cultural heritage. He has participated in workshops about restoration of traditional buildings in Greece and Albania. During the last years, he has worked as a collaborator with two architectural firms which are focused in surveys about restoration of listed monuments in Greece, Cyprus, Turkey and Egypt. He is cur­rently completing a post-graduate program on cultural management in monuments in the University of Athens. Grigoris is a co-founder of Boulouki.

Mina Kouvara is a professional architect and maker/artist by nature, and holds a MSc related to the environment and development of mountainous and remote regions (NTUA-MIRC). Her research and practice focuses on the fusion of workmanship, heritage and education in reference to the socio-economic realm. Landscape as substance (matter and spirit) and as a theoretical and institutional tool is fundamental to her methodological approach. Mina is a co-founder of Boulouki and former core member (2018-06/2020). Contact: mina.koov [at]

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