'Under the landscape'

Therasia 2021-22

Boulouki team, the Municipality of Thera and the local community of Therasia are organizing in partnership 'Under the Landscape: Therasia 21-22' as a threefold event dedicated to the role of local cultures and the relevance of small settlements in the current cultural conjunction. A three-day symposium, a twelve-day practical workshop and a three-day gathering of participation and collaborative work are the three individual occurrences of this program which begins on spring 2021 and is completed on spring 2022.


An open event, the 3day Young Makers Gathering (28 – 30 May 2021) will inaugurate “Under the Landscape” on the last weekend of May 2021, having the Municipal School of Therasia in Manolas settlement at its epicenter. During these three days, Boulouki alongside its interdisciplinary network of associates, as well as the teachers and students of Therasia, will go ahead with the cleaning and marking of the pathway that connects the central settlement of Manolas with the almost abandoned settlement of Agrilia. The main route axes of the deserted village, which are now blocked by the lush vegetation will be accessible again permitting, thus, the latter’s reclamation and protection.


A 12day Workshop (6 – 17 September 2021) of hands-on training on local building techniques will be set at the core of “Under the Landscape”. The workshop will take place in Agrilia and will include the repair of key structures of this agricultural settlement; starting from the cobbled pathway that leads to Panagia tou Lagadiou (in Greek meaning Our Lady of the Dale) and onward to the renovation of various parts of selected cave-buildings.


The final part of the threefold event “Under the Landscape” will be a 3day symposium (28 – 30 April 2022) specifically addressed to young scholars and researchers, that will be hosted in the historical monastery Panagia Kera (Monastery of Assumption Day) in the South edge of Therasia, at Cape Tripiti. This symposium will attempt to critically discuss the widely spread notion of ‘landscape’ which today seems to be established as a key—concept in various discussions regarding the possible futures of built environment: on the one hand, providing a common ground for various fields of knowledge to come together in dialogue and on the other, often blurring the lines between essentially divergent perspectives and visions of the human world. So what do we mean by landscape?

Map of Therasia


In the course of the International Symposium on Architecture, a series of visual arts exhibitions and other cultural events will be hosted, primarily in the Monastery of Assumption Day (Panagia Kera). The monastic cells and forecourt will stage three art installations of distinctive nature and scale, designed in reference to the unique character of Thera and Therasia:

i. Modern Sculpture 

The sculptural artworks will be created by invited undergraduate students of the Athens School of Fine Arts (ASFA) Sculpture Studio A. the students will participate in the 3-day Young Makers Gathering on May 2021, during which they will have the opportunity to acquaint themselves with Therasia and collect references and local materials for their artistic works.

ii. Archival Material

Representationsof the theran landscape - Research studies conducted over the exploitation of theran earth as a mineral resource - Οbjects of everyday life and folklore artefacts that evince the distinct history of the area.

iii. Open-air Film Screening

Throughout the 3-day Symposium, three selected film productions are recommended for screening in order to trigger a discourse over the past and future of Thera and Therasia.


Abandoned cave structures in Agrilia Settlement


Since the beginning of 2020, Boulouki team conducts an interdisciplinary research, focusing on the deserted settlement of Agrilia as the case study for investigating the use of the local natural pozzolans and other volcanic stones in the vernacular architecture of Thera and Therasia. The objective of this research is the interpretation of traditional building techniques and the partial retrieval of the forgotten craftsmanship underlying the cave structures of Thera and Therasia.

Therasia, a volcanic land. Diversification of its geological nature.

Under the Landscape is introduced as a combination of research and cultural events, participatory work and social dialogue; initiated by the demands of local societies, interpreting their own traditional knowledge, and attempting a critical approach towards presiding concepts and perceptions of the landscape, within and beyond the professional and scientific discourse.

In Short:

Co-organizers:  BOULOUKI, Municipality of Thera, Community of Therasia  

Collaboration:  NTUA Building Materials Lab, H.S.G.M.E. ‘LITHOS’ Laboratory, ΕΤΗ Ζurich Department of Architecture & Construction,  ASFA Sculpture Studio A'

Sponsors:  Vassaltis Vineyards, Mikra Thira Winery

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