From the forest to the sawmills and the carpentry workshops

Between 17-20 of July 2019, within the context of Vovousa Festival, Boulouki organized a workshop dedicated to the local tradition of logging and carpentry in Vovousa, Zagori. Wandering between the nearby forest, the local carpentry workshops and the riverside settlement, we aimed to explore the aspects of wood as a living organism, a building material and a cultural symbol. The workshop included both discussion and practice around logging and forest management, as well as woodworking with local experts. During the last days, we constructed a wooden double-door for the local open air Water Power Museum.

Date: 17/07/2019 - 20/07/2019

Co-organizers: Boulouki, Vovousa Festival

Support: Region of Epirus, Municipality of Zagori, Vovousa Cultural Foundation,

 Administrative Board of the Northern Pindos National Park Management Agency, Protect Aoos

Photo credits: George Detsis, Anna Lagaria

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